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Speedy Marker FL
SpeedMarker FL: Galvo systems for Industrial Use

The Speedmarker FL series uses pulsed Yb fiber lasers, which are unmatched in terms of size, efficiency and durability. The maintenance-free, air-cooled systems provide the same constant output power throughout their product life, with excellent pulse-to-pulse stability. The combination of the proper laser power and Galvos allow for the fast marking speeds in almost every application.

Maintenance-free laser sources (MTBF >100,000h)
Customer-specific adaptation of the marking software
Easy integration over serial interfaces
Engraving and Marking of all types of metals
Laser power up to 50 watts
Contrast Marking on many plastics
Your Profit:

SpeedMarker FL - Stability and Reliability 
Low maintenance costs and high reliability make the Speedmarker FL a productive and dependable marking solution.

Technical Details:
Laser Power 
Laser power of up to 50 watts are available. All laser sources are  air-cooled and maintenance free. 
The Speedmarker FL possesses 16 digital 24V outputs and inputs as well as a COM interface. These are controlled directly from the marking software and enable easy integration into existing production lines
The system is composed of a compact marking head that is connected to the actual laser unit via a fiber optic cable. The laser unit itself is housed in a 19-inch rack mount enclosure (3HE).
Galvo Package 
The Galvo package is integrated into the marking head in order to achieve a small, physical profile. The use of digital signal amplifiers, optical encoders and dynamic motors allows for high marking quality and fast speeds with minimal thermal drift. 
The software includes simple drag-and-drop functions in which texts, bar codes, 2D codes, and also vector and bitmap graphics can be inserted. Other functions include automatic serialization, date coding and much more
  Photo Gallery :
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Lenses Pilot Laser (Red Pointer) Focus Finder

A selection of different focal length lenses are available providing marking field dimensions of 70x70 mm to 280x280mm. The lenses are interchangeable based on the processing requirements.

A pilot laser (red pointer) shows the exact position of the mark, prior to lasing. The pilot laser is independent of the actual laser source and is available with a laser shutter.

A focus finder, composed of two intersecting laser pointers, allows for non-contact adjustment of the laser focus, even on irregular shaped parts.

Profibus Interface Workstation

Optionally, the Speedmarker FL can be equipped with a Profibus interface. The system can then obtain its marking data directly from the bus system. 

The Speedmarker FL offers a variety of workstations to meet most processing needs.  Custom workstations can also be developed.


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