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Speedy300 Fiber

The Speedy 300 fiber - Large Format Fiber Laser for Higher Production 

The Speedy 300 fiber merges the advantages of fiber laser technology and the Trotec flatbed laser systems. Low maintenance costs, high speed at the highest resolutions, safe operation make laser marking a great alternative to other methods.
Flexx Upgrade for maxximum flexxibility
The Speedy 300 fiber can be equipped with a CO2 laser: Just add the additional laser when you need it and upgrade your laser system to a Speedy 300 flexx. Exxpand your business.

Speeds up to 200cm/sec
Sealed Interior Components with Trotec InPack-Technology
Working area (29" x 17") 726 x 432 mm
Trotec´s USQ technology for top speeds at the highest resolutions 
Laser power ranging from 10W to 50W pulsed fiber laser
Maintenance-Free Brushless Servo motors and Professional linear guides made of stainless steel  for maintenance-free usage
Your Profit:

The Speedy 300 fiber offers the end user many standard benefits based on specifications, construction and performance. In many cases the Speedy 300 fiber, as a flatbed system, is a very interesting alternative to a traditional galvo workstation. It´s worth to analyse your individual application.

Technical Details:
Working area (29" x 17") 726 x 432 mm
Machine dimensions (42.9" x 35" x 23.2") 1090 x 890 x 590 mm
Material size (29" x 17") 726 x 432 mm
Laser power range from 10W to 50W pulsed fiber laser
Speed up to 200 cm/sec
Acceleration 5g
Addressable accuracy 5µm
Static repetitive accuracy <+/- 15µm
  Photo Gallery :
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Closed Processing Components with Trotec - "InPack Technology"   Safe Laser Operation  Industrial Grade Components 

A well protected machine interior, in combination with the Trotec patented InPack Technology, offers optimum protection from dust and fume intensive materials. Lowest maintenance costs and the longest system lifespan are guaranteed as a result.

Due to its unique enclosure design, the Speedy 300 fiber is certified Laser Safety Class 2. It can operate safely in any production environment.

The individual components in the motion system, optics train, the electronics, processing head and the laser source, all stand out due to their quality and construction.


JobControl Print Driver Software   Autofocus   

With the intuitive Trotec JobControl Expert software, marking jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently. 

Electro-optic autofocus with light barriers. Maximum convenience for the operator through correct focusing of the laser beam on the surface of the workpiece.

Air Assist  Rotary Marking Device  Trolley Base with Storage Shelf 

Prevents combustion of flammable materials, helps to direct debris and fumes towards the exhaust vents and protects the lens. Can be fully controlled by the JobControl software

Permits marking of cylindrical, conical or spherical objects such as trophies, mugs or bottles. 

Helps to direct debris and fumes towards the exhaust vents and protects the lens. Can be fully controlled by the JobControl software.

Exhaust Systems  Extended Warranty  5" Lens 

Helps to keep the area around the laser machine organized, offering convenient storage for the rotary engraving device or various laser consumables

A high-performance exhaust system is indispensable for the safe operation of your laser system. It protects your employees and the environment from harmful dusts and fumes during laser processing, and also ensures long-term and dependable operation.

The standard warranty for the Speedy 100 fiber can be extended up to 5 years.

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