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The entry level Laser Engraver Speedy 100: The Compact, High Production CO2 Laser Engraver 
The Speedy 100 is a entry level CO2 laser engraver that can grow together with your business. Purchase what you need now, and upgrade as necessary.
Working area (24" x 12") 610 x 305 mm
Electronically Controlled Z-Axis
Laser power ranging from 12W to 45W "Sealed" CO2 laser
Maintenance-Free Brushless Servomotors
Closed Laser System
JobControl Job Management Software
Sealed Interior Components with Trotec InPack-Technology    
Your Profit:
Our Speedy 100 CO2 laser engraver offers a compact, entry-level solution carefully designed to meet the evolving laser engraving and laser cutting needs of growing businesses. The Speedy 100 is totally scalable in terms of software, performance, and laser power. And it carries the Trotec family genes: top quality, unmatched performance, and technological leadership. Speedy 100 is a small business investment today that will pay off big tomorrow.  

Your benefit: Speedy 100 laser engraver is the fastest laser in its class. The speed of the entry level unit can be optionally advanced through an upgrade at any stage. And the extraordinary quality in terms of engraving and cutting will continue to remain on the same top level.

In addition, the Speedy 100 is the only laser that is fully upgradeable through three different levels of Software. You can start working with the Speedy 100 at no time due to the easy-to-use software and upgrade to the “Expert”-level at any time.

InPack-Technology™ is a combination of the highest quality components for ultra long lifetime combined with protection of the optics and all sensitive components. Our systems are designed for minimal wear-and-tear. It all adds up to a lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of each Speedy 100 laser system.
Technical Details:
Working area (24" x 12") 610 x 305 mm
Machine dimensions (38.3" x 30.1" x 18") 974 x 765 x 457 mm
Material size (24" x 12") 610 x 305 mm
Material height (6.7")  170 mm
Laser power ranging from 12W to 45W "Sealed" CO2 laser
Speed (70 - 110”/sec)  180 - 280 cm/sec
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Safe Laser Operation  Industrial Grade Components  JobControl Print Driver Software 
Due to its unique enclosure design, the Speedy 100 is certified Laser Safety Class 2. It can operate safely in any production environment. The individual components in the motion system, optics train, the electronics, processing head and the laser source, all stand out due to their quality and construction With the intuitive JobControlExpert software, engraving and cutting jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently.
Focal Length Lenses  Exhaust Systems   
The 1.5”, 2.0" and 2.5" lenses are the necessary tools for a flexible and high-quality material processing. A high-performance exhaust system is indispensable for the safe operation of your laser system. It protects your employees and the environment from harmful dusts and fumes during laser processing, and also ensures long-term and dependable operation.  
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