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Speedy Marker CL
SpeedMarker CL - CO2 Galvo laser system Offering Productivity and Flexibility 
The SpeedMarker CL controls the position of the laser beam via rotating mirrors. Text, bar codes, data matrix codes and logos can be applied to a variety of materials. Typical cycle times can be less than 1 sec!. The SpeedMarker CL is best integrated into production lines.
High marking speed
Import filter for 11 common graphics formats
Can be easily integrated mechanically and electrically into existing production environments
Marking on the fly: distortion-free marking of linear-moving parts is possible
Active stabilization of the laser output is possible
3-axis galvo system for high resolution with large working surfaces is possible
Your Profit:
Serial and batch numbers, time and date information can be easily set by drag & drop functionality
Open programming via the COM ports, or dynamic data transfer through serial interfaces (e.g. from the database)
Password-protected user levels
Up to 64 different jobs can be defined, which can be dynamically selected through standard TTL inputs/outputs
Technical Details:
Laser Output
Laser power of 30W to 200W (application dependent)
3 different scanners ("Galvos") packages, configured to the specific application
Slide-In Rack
19-inch rack mount: Contains the power supplies, laser safety circuits, key switch and status information.
The laser power, galvo package and lens optimized in the application lab.
Inscription Field: 
Marking field, between 70mm x 70mm to 850mm x 850mm, depending on the lens selected. This is also application dependent, The smaller the work area, the smaller the laser focus (means higher intensity and resolution).
  Photo Gallery :
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