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SP 1500

Laser Cutting System SP1500 - Highly efficient laser cutting system for maximum profitability and production 

Profitability: The combination of highest productivity, working area in standard plate dimensions, longest system lifespan, and lowest maintenance costs yields an unbeatable equation that makes the SP1500 the most profitable CO2 laser cutting and engraving system in its class.

Working area (59" x 49") 1500 x 1250 mm
Laser power from 60W to 400W "Sealed" CO2 laser
Closed laser system
Cutting table system with cross-flow ventilation
Trotec IPC - Intelligent Path Control™
Traveling exhaust
Sealed Interior Components with Trotec InPack Technology
Pass-through function
Closed processing interior with Trotec - "InPack Technology"
Air-cleaned optics
troCAM CAD/CAM Software
Maintenance-free brushless servomotors
"i-cut“ CCD Camera, Registration Mark Recognition and compensation system
Maintenance-free brushless servomotors
JobControl Job Management software
„i-cut“ CCD camera-, Registration Mark Recognition- and Compensation System
Your Profit:

The increasing demands on material processing quality, flexibility in production, and highest-possible output with ongoing cost and price pressures, are the challenges faced by all successful companies. Whether plastic processing, wood processing or print finishing, or involving sheet printing or sheet products, profitable materials processing requires a cutting system that can match changing demands.

With it’s 400watts laser power and (59" x 49") 1500 x 1250 mm working area the SP1500 is perfectly geared up for any application from acrylic processing and woodworking to textile or membrane switch cutting. Service free motors, linear bearings and optics included. Designed for more output, higher performance and high demanding production.

The SP1500’s concept of a closed laser system with a closed machine interior and high efficient fume extraction gives the SP1500 the base for laser safety and easy integration any production setting without any costly laser safety precautions.

Technical Details:
Working area (59" x 49") 1500 x 1250 mm
Machine Dimensions (111" x 78" x 51") 2829 x 2000 x 1300 mm
Material Dimensions (66" x 62") 1700 x 1600 mm
Material Height (3.9") 100 mm
Laser Output from 60 W to 400 W "Sealed" CO2 laser source
Speed (65"/sec) 165 cm/sec
Acceleration 1g
Weight 1200 kg
Accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
Addressable Accuracy Encoder +/- 0.001 mm
Static Repetitive Accuracy <+/- 0.15
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Cutting Table with Cross-Flow Ventilation Trotec IPC - Intelligent Path Control™ Closed Processing Components with Trotec - InPack™ Technology

With the cutting table system the SP1500 is configured to process thicker materials. An integrated jet strip generates cross flow ventilation under the material, removing the dust, fumes and and other debris generated by the lasing process.  Material support on low reflection anodized aluminium plates (may be replaced by acrylic plates)

This innovative laser control module enables the dynamic adaptation of speed and acceleration, depending upon the cutting path. The throughput times and quality of the cutting results are dramatically improved.

A fully enclosed machine interior, in combination with the Trotec patented InPack Technology, offers optimum protection from dust and fume intensive applications such as wood and the cutting of acrylics. Lowest maintenance costs and the longest system lifespan are guaranteed as a result.


Closed laser system Industrial Grade Components Air-Flushed Optics

Safe Operation - With its unique housing design, the SP1500 is a device with Laser Safety Class 2 (laser class 1 without a laser pointer) certification. It does not require any modification to operate safely in any production environment.

The individual components in the motion system, optics train, the electronics, processing head and the laser source, all stand out due to their quality and construction.

All optics are air-flushed - cleaner lenses for maintenance-free work and a long lifespan are guaranteed as a result. Even the optics in the machine's interior are air-cleansed.


Travelling exhaust
A suction system is directly mounted on the working head and helps with the evacuation of dust and fumes that can be generated during materials processing.

With the intuitive Trotec JobControl Expert software, engraving jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently.  

2.5” and 5" lenses are the necessary tools-set for a flexible and high-quality material processing. 


troCAM Software
Use the troCAM software for advanced CAD/CAM functionality and precision cutting jobs.

Exhaust systems
A high-performance exhaust system is indispensable for the safe operation of your laser system. It protects your employees and the environment from harmful dusts and fumes during laser processing, and also ensures long-term and dependable operation.



Gas Kit i-Cut® Vacuum table

With the Gas Kit, up to two procedure gases (pressurised air, N2, ...) can be connected. This prevents fires, improves the transport of dust, and also protects the lens. With certain materials, processing results are greatly optimised in this manner.

Extremely precise registration mark recording system and cutting-path compensation system. With the aid of registration marks, it recognizes distortions in printed materials and adjusts the cut path. It is indispensable in the printing industry, in the manufacture of plastic foil keyboards, or in the treatment of certain acrylic cutting operations. 

Thin and light materials that generally do not lay flat on them standard processing surface can be easily cut or engraved when used in combination with the vacuum table (e.g. film, plastic laminates, veneers, paper,...)

Heavy-Load Table Speedy 500 Rotary attachment  

The new heavy-load table for Professional and SP1500 has been developed to cary heavy objects like monuments, tombstones, natural stone, marble and granite plates, tiles, etc. for laser engraving. The travelling exhaust removes the dust directly at the working head and minimizes cleaning of the system and optics. With this new laser engraver option Trotec is the only supplier of a heavy-load table combined with laser safety class 2 / II!

Holds objects up to 500 kgs / 1100 lbs
Max. height of workpiece 120 mm / 4.7"
Laser class 2 / II


The largest rotary engraving device on the market! Cylindrical, conical or spherical objects such as glasses, globes or bottles with a length of up to 104 cm, diameters of up to 25 cm, and weight of up to 10 kg can be engraved with no problem.


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