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Architectural Modelmakers:-
Laser technology offers great benefits for the cutting and fabrication of architectural models.  Typically the model pieces are designed in a CAD program such as AutoCad or troCam, then directly outputted to the laser.  The laser cutting system then cuts the parts to precise dimensions. The resulting cut parts are accurate, clean and do not require post-processing.
Automotive and Aviation Industry:-
Laser solutions have become increasingly important to the automotive and aviation industry in marking parts with safety features, and ensuring traceability for various components. Laser marking equipment offers a permanent, abrasion-proof, chemical-resistant way to label auto parts with a range of information – including bar codes, data matrix codes, serial numbers, production date & time, shift codes, and even logos. We offer a wide range of laser solutions to deliver fast, clean, safe, and accurate laser marking for the automotive and aviation industry. And with our laser machines, the possibilities are endless.
Awards and Trophies:-
You can create your own awards and trophies with laser engraving and laser cutting, using just a bit of imagination and a high-performance laser engraver.  

Lasers are the most efficient and economical way of producing trophies and awards.  With imagination and our high performance laser nearly any type of award can be created.

Prime Benefits:

  • Lasers offer a quick, economical solution
  • Results are of the highest quality
  • Laser engraving is a non-contact process, so there is no need for special tooling
  • We offer a full range of laser sizes and power to meet every users needs
  • Lasers can process the widest range of materials
Educational Institutions:-
Laser technology has become more and more popular for schools, universities and other educational institutions, as it offers unbeatable advantages. It is fast, easy, material efficient and safe. And another factor: FUN!!! Students actually want to use the laser as it is such an interesting technology.
Electronics and Electrical Industry:-
Laser marking has become increasingly popular in the electronics and electrical industry, where it is critical to mark parts, motors, casings, and other products with brands and codes for both marketing and traceability purposes. Barcodes, data matrix codes, serial numbers, production date & time, and shift codes are among the most common marking applications for this industry.

Perhaps the most critical factor in marking electronics and electrical items is the need to include high density information on extremely small parts. That’s where our laser solutions come into play. Laser marking equipment offers an easy way for electronics manufacturers to create permanent, abrasion-proof marks on their products that are resistant to chemicals like solvents and oils, and can withstand even the harshest of environments. In addition, laser marking ensures that fragile parts are protected, and do not suffer from any thermal stress during the laser marking process.
Food Industry:-
The food and beverage industries have always relied heavily on marking and labeling their products with their brand, nutritional information, allergic warnings, expiration dates, and more. With our laser solutions, these industries can leverage laser marking to do this quickly and efficiently – and cost-effectively.

A new trend in laser marking for the food industry is placing codes or logos directly on a food item itself. When it comes to fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, and similar items, there is often no packaging that can be marked with the relevant information. Stickers offer one alternative to adding relevant data to such products – but stickers can be expensive and inconvenient. Using laser marking equipment instead of stickers offers a contact-free, non-toxic method of directly marking food items – safely adding "tattoos" with important data or branding to lemons, apples, cheese products, and more.
Medical Industry:-
The medical industry has increasingly embraced laser marking equipment to ensure top precision and reliability when marking medical devices, such as hearing aids, implants, surgical instruments, and more, with serial numbers, identification codes, and other information. Laser solutions offer several key advantages over traditional marking processes, including improved speed and accuracy – regardless of object size, as well as unmatched quality – regardless of the number of objects to be marked.

Laser Marking also offers several benefits to the users of medical equipment. It permits a safe cleaning and sterilization and durable tracability in the medical environment. The unique annealling effect created by laser marking ensures that surface areas remain smooth and unchanged after the marking process, ensuring that germs cannot collect in uneven spots. Laser marking is also resistant to heat, steam as well as chemicals, further guaranteeing the safety and tracability of marked objects.

We offer a wide range of laser solutions to deliver fast, clean, safe, durable and accurate laser marking for the medical industry.
Packaging Materials:-
Paper, cardboard and other packaging materials can be cut easily and quickly with the correct laser system. Our lasers are well suited for processing materials that are thermally sensitive like paper. Laser cutting is a non-contact method that can cut these types of material cleanly and quickly without negatively affecting the substrate.

The best results are obtained when using our laser in conjunction with the optional vacuum table. Thin materials can be retained “flat” during laser cutting ensuring the best quality. In more advanced applications, the laser and vacuum table can be used with the i-Cut® Vision registration-mark recording and cut-path compensation system. This allows the laser to simulate and operate as a “digital die-cut system”.

If the system described seems like it might suit you application, please contact us. We would be pleased to conduct a FREE feasibility study in our applications lab. All we need is material and a specification to work from.
Point of Purchase (POP) Acrylic Display Cutting:-
CO2 lasers are ideally suited for acrylic cutting, such as for applications such signage, displays and other presentation items.  The laser can provide flame polished edges without the need for post-processing.  Successful acrylic cutting depends on a variety of factors.  This includes the material itself, the type of CO2 laser used and the power of the laser.

The power setting used is relative to the formulation of the acrylic material, thickness of the acrylic and the desired throughput of the machine.  In general terms, the higher the output power, the faster you can cut the material.

Cutting Acrylic with a CO2 laser - Advantages Compared to Conventional Methods:

  • High Cutting Speed
  • More Flexibility
  • Contact-Free and Tool-Free Processing
  • Clean, Flame Polished Edges
  • Easy Part Handling
  • Very Cost-Effective, even with Small Batch Sizes
The i-Cut® Vision registration-mark recording and cut-path compensation system recognizes distortions in printed materials and precisely aligns the cut path. It is indispensable in the acrylic industry, to avoid the waste of valuable materials and for accurate cutting results with printed acrylic.
Promotional Items:- 
Laser engraving is the most desired way to decorate and engrave gift items and various promotional goods.  It is the fastest, most accurate way to process these types of objects and usually results in the best looking mark also.

A particular challenge in the promotional good sector is that so many different materials arise. Wood, rubber and plastic require a CO2 laser engraver, while metal items typically processed with an Nd:YAG or fiber laser. Our Finemarker Hybrid is the only laser in the market that contains a YVO4 laser and a CO2 in the same platform and thus most of the mentioned materials can be engraved in a single machine!
Rubber Stamp Maker:-
Laser engraving plays a major role in the creation of rubber stamps and other types of transfer media.  As laser processing is largely automated, it can dramatically reduce the overall production time, thus increasing productivity.

The applicable laser systems come equipped with both the powerful Job Control print driver software, as well as the versatile Job Creator stamp-set software package to provide the ultimate in stamp creation.
Multi-Color Option (MCO) is a unique option available for your Speedy 300.  MCO will allow you to manufacture multi-colored stamps - easily, quickly and cleanly.

Lasers offer some advantages over other methods of creating stamps:
Efficiencies when processing multiple stamps in series

  • Higher overall quality
  • The “computer to plate” feature in our laser means much faster processing
  • It is easy to include logos on the stamp
  • The laser can provide both the engraving of the stamp and the ability to cut out the stamp in one operation
  • The laser itself has a long life with little maintenance due to “In-Pack” technology
  • The Job Control software is optimized for stamp design and creation
Rubber Stamp Process
Laser rubber is offered in two thicknesses;  1.5mm and 2.3mm.  The best quality stamps are produced when the engraving depth ranges from 0.8mm to 1.2mm.  This includes the very small characters that are sometimes required.  The Job Control software allows the user to select the angle of the shoulder on the stamp which is critical for good ink transfer.  When engraving the full A4 sized sheet of rubber, the Job Control software generates an automatic raster path such that the individual plates are not fully sectioned, but perforated for easy removal.  This also makes cleaning the entire sheet an easier process.

Microporous Foam

Pre-inked stamps with microporous foam can also be processed on our laser engraving machines. When processing this material the key element is the control of the compressed air at the cutting surface.  This allows the laser to adequately control the flame up that can sometime arise.
Laser engraving is widely used in the production of signage.  The design is created in a graphics program such as CorelDraw or Engrave Lab and then processed by the laser with a simple print procedure.  Making signs with a laser is a quick and simple process that result in a high quality product.

Our laser engravers are well known by sign makers as the best laser product on the market.  There are several advantages that lasers can bring to the sign maker.

  • Quick and efficient sign engraving
  • The highest-quality result
  • Cutting and engraving can be done in one process
  • Minimal set-up times due to the powerful tools in our Job Control software
  • Low operating costs due to the use of precision grade components
  • A total solution approach consisting of the laser, software and exhaust system

Our laser systems offer you optimum performance combined with maximum precision.

UID - Unique Identification:-
  • Serial Numbers
  • Bar Codes
  • 2d Data Matrix Codes
  • Logos
  • Scales and Required Data

As traceability becomes a requirement in many industries, laser machines are increasingly proving to be the best solution for direct part marking, labels and tags. We offer the widest product range with the ability to mark on over 100 different materials. We offer CO2, Nd:YAG and Vanadate sources and both Flatbed – Flying Optics and Beam Steered Galvanometer motion systems.

Best in Class Technology – Best in Class Performance

Get "Straight A" readings on 2D Data Matrix Codes. Not all systems are capable of achieving these results, but our systems are recognized as the leader in this technology providing permanent markings. Our unique calibration techniques allow raster matching as the laser head moves side to side in either direction. The results are very apparent in small text and bar codes.

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