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The Laser Marker FC 100 - Entry Level Fiber Laser for Direct Metal Marking 
The FC100 represents the first commercially available flat-bed system with CW fiber laser. This system provides the basic tools for low volume direct metal marking at a very low price.
Speeds up to 200cm/sec
Laser Safety class 2: for safe operation in any environment 
InPack technology for maximum protection against dust, smoke,oil, etc.
JobControl job software for top functionality and productivity
USQ technology for top speeds at the highest resolutions
Professional linear guides made of stainless steel: for maintenance-free usage
Your Profit:
The FC100 offers the possibility for direct metal marking at a lower entry price range than traditional YAG products.  The CW fiber laser can create a contrasting colour-change-mark on most metals and when used in combination with a flatbed-system it provides a safe, low priced marking solution.
Technical Details:
Maximum speed: 200 cm/second
Working area: 24" x 12" (610 x 305mm) 
Machine dimensions: 38.5” x 29” x 18” (975 x 730 x 460) 
Laser power range: 10W and 20W continious-wave fiber lasers
  Photo Gallery :
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JobControl Print Driver Software:
Professional Linear Guides made of Stainless Steel: 
Closed Processing Components - "InPack Technology" 
With the intuitive JobControl Expert software, marking jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the open architecture, it can interface with most graphical format files and most MS Windows based programs
This professional linear guides guarantees maximum performance and maintenance-free usage
A well protected machine interior, in combination with the Trotec patented InPack Technology, offers optimum protection from dust and fume intensive materials. Lowest maintenance costs and the longest system lifespan are guaranteed as a result.
Brushless Servomotors: 
Laser Safety Class 2:
Precise and repetitive accuracy during laser marking process durign the whole lifetime of the laser system.
Due to its unique enclosure design, the FP100 is certified Laser Safety Class 2. It can operate safely in any production environment.
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